Ankara-Niğde Highway Opens!

According to the announcement of the General Directorate of Highways affiliated to the Ministry, published in the Official Gazette, the Ankara-Acıkuyu Junction (Kilometer: 0 000-105 227), which has been accepted as cutting in the “Construction, Operation and Transfer of Ankara-Niğde Highway Project with Build-Operate-Transfer Model” and Alayhan Junction-Gölcük Junction (Kilometer: 218 250-275 048) has been approved by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

This part of the highway will be opened to traffic on September 4 at 23.59. Entry and exit from the motorway will be prohibited, except in certain places (bridge intersections, toll stations and similar) and conditions. Since the wire fences or walls installed along the road boundary line are installed to prevent such exits, these obstacles cannot be opened, demolished, cut or otherwise destroyed.

As Intetra and Tetra HGS family, we are proud to be a part of the Ankara-Niğde Highway project.

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