Intelligent Traffic Management Solutions

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Traffic flow monitoring and adaptive traffic management systems use to provide solutions for the reduction of travel time in intelligent transporation systems. Instant accidents, changes in weather conditions and roadworks are emerging as a priority problem that is likely to happen in metropolitan centers and on highways causing traffic congestion.

Our aim; Is to ensure drivers are given accurate and timely information in order to minimize traffic congestion.


EN12966 certificated

Variable Traffic Signs are LED-based small-scaled traffic signs. Intetra Variable Traffic Signs displays different messages according to different circumstances such as speed limits, lane closures, roadworks, precipitation.

In addition, Round Variable Traffic Signs, specially designed by Intetra provides ease of implementation even in narrow spaces, make urban life more orderly and safe by informing people instantly in an increasingly urban world, practically everywhere in cities.


EN12966 certificated

Intetra Variable Message Signs, which are used to minimize traffic problems in traffic flow and adaptive management, alerts drivers in advance by displaying instant data of the events and alternative routes that enables information to reach drivers quickly. Intetra Variable Message Signs display different traffic signs and messages with high-quality and long-lasting LEDs. Intetra products produced with special optical lens technology have the highest optical ratio and light reflection protection. Intetra Variable Message Signs provide easy integration with other control systems (such as road weather stations, vehicle counting and classification sensors, cameras, radars) with new user-friendly plugand- go integration.


Intetra’s special design control cabinet, which is used for both variable message signs and variable traffic signs, is the unit that controls all system components.

By mean of its user-friendly LCD display allows controlling the system both remotely and manually. Intetra Control cabinet can be custom designed according to the customer preference.


Specially designed trailers for traffic safety!

Mobile Traffic Safety Trailers are being used to improve safety and provide information for drivers in congestion zones, roadwork sites or high risk areas.

Urban and Highway Trailer models are specially designed by considering the traffic needs in urban roads and highways. By providing solution oriented designs it sustains its place in the market.

All mechanical and electronic components of our trailers are specially designed under the Intetra brand. Through Intetra’s special software, the operator broadcasts relevant message immediately by using the one-touch button on the tablet.


LED Traffic Safety signs are used in low visibility conditions to create a higher level of awareness.

Installing LED modules into existing mechanic traffic direction signs and warning signs provides exceptional uniformity and visibility. This can be applied to all signs meeting Traffic Standards.

Intetra LED Traffic Signs are widely used at pedestrian crossings, school crossings, roadwork sites and hairpin turns.

Intetra LED Traffic Signs are specially produced with 3M Diamond Grade reflectors in order to enhance visibility even when the power supply is off. These signs can be powered both by solar and electrical components. Intetra uses special lenses of the front surface of the products to provide the best visibility and extend their lifespan.