Intelligent Transportation Systems

AUS (Intelligent Transportation Systems); These are systems developed for the purpose of increasing traffic safety and road capacities effectively and efficiently.
Intelligent Transportation Systems have versatile data exchange infrastructure between center – vehicle – infrastructure – user, and including monitoring, measurement, analysis and control mechanisms.

ITS Management Center

ITS Management Center is a central management system that collects data from all ITS subcomponents on the road network, processes this information with certain algorithms and transfers it to users as traffic information. Thanks to this system, all ITS components in the road network can be integrated to the center and management from a single point can be provided.

In addition, with the information obtained from urban and intercity roads, traffic rehabilitation and optimization, emission and congestion problems are solved, and traffic safety and efficiency are increased.

Traffic Information Systems

Traffic and passenger information systems are systems that transmit real-time traffic information to users.

Information such as road conditions, weather conditions, traffic accidents, departure and arrival times, cautionary information, roadworks are provided through information displays.

Traffic Monitoring Systems

These are services established on highways and urban roads in order to monitor the route, provide traffic safety, reverse direction vehicle cruise detection, emergency and road assistance services.

CCTV Systems (Closed circuit television), artificial intelligence-based event detection systems work integrated with the central management system (SCADA).

Traffic Measurement Systems

Traffic measurement sensors installed for the control and monitoring of traffic flow along the route; vehicle classification, speed information, vehicle density and counts can be measured. In line with this information, travel time, traffic road status information is obtained with different analysis methods.

Road Meteorology Systems

INTETRA Road Weather Information Systems are used to measure the current weather conditions on the road network.

With road meteorology sensors, decision support solutions such as thermal map and statistical data are created and analyzed, then information about road weather conditions is transferred to the drivers.

Traffic Signalization Systems

INTETRA traffic signalization solutions are systems that control and manage the traffic flow.

With smart signalization systems, traffic flow is disciplined and the traffic density of the city can be monitored and controlled.