ITS Central Management Software

Data received from all smart transportation systems are evaluated at regional or central control points. These data are processed and used as traffic information.

ITS Central Management Software; A great number of cameras, VMS-VTS, radar, meteorology and traffic sensors, etc. is the central management software that provides management and control of ITS field systems.

ITS central management software allows uninterrupted 24/7 management and monitoring of all field systems connected to it.

The transfer of data from all transportation infrastructure centers to the central transportation information infrastructure is ensured with the interfaces (services) we have designed and defined.

With Central Management Software, in case of data interruption or an anomaly situation to raise, alarms are automatically generated and it provides uninterrupted data transfer and data integrity.

Data transfer from sub-centers to the center is performed synchronously or asynchronously according to the designed interfaces.

With the analysis (artificial learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence and algorithms) to be made from the obtained data, it is ensured that the work, actions and alarms that need to be done are automatically generated.