Variable Traffic Signs


Variable Traffic Signs (VTS) are used widely for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) applications. INTETRA VTS keeps drivers informed about dynamic situation of the road, weather information, speed limit and lane control information. INTETRA VTS comes relatively in smaller sizes than INTETRA VMS in order to use in critical areas like tunnel entrance, construction zones, meteorologically critical locations and at the toll gates.

INTETRA VTS offers Tailor-Made Solutions suitable with predefined pictograms or full matrix type. INTETRA VTS products use highest optical ratio and avoid reflection all compliance with EN12966 standards.


“NEW” USER FRIENDLY Plug&Play Integration allows easy connection of any ITS equipments like road weather sensors, trac counters, cameras and radars.

“NEW” USER FRIENDLY Plug&Play Integration



  • Compliance with EN12966
  • Single LENS technology
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Compatible with TCP/IP, NTCIP, PROFIBUS, MODBUS protocols
  • Intelligent Fault Detection system
  • Special Frontal Design
  • NEW USER Friendly Plug & Play option
  • Multi point support Power Supply Design
  • Multiple server control
  • Easy maintenance and installation


  • In compliance with European Standards
  • Provide highest optical performance
  • Environment friendly
  • Wide variety of communication options
  • Survailance of system status online
  • Avoid the reflection and maximize visiblity
  • Allows easy connection of any other ITS equipments
  • Each Power Supplies are spares for each other
  • Any single VMS can be controlled from multiple control rooms
  • Low operation and Maintenance Cost

Technicial Specifications

Intended Application: Alphanumeric Text Message, Graphic Road Signs, Gerenic Traffic Signs
Size: Custom Designed
Resolution: Custom Designed
Pixel Colors: Yellow,Red,Green, Dual color or full color
LED Type: SMD or Trough Hole
Protection Class: P3 to IP66
Temperature Classes: T1 (-15 °C to +60°C) ,T2 (-25 °C to +55°C) ,T3 (-40 °C to +40°C)
Brightness (EN12966): Class L3 (*)
Contrast (EN 12966): Class R3
Beam Width (EN12966): Class B5, B6
Humidity Range: 20-95% rel.humidity
Enclosure: Aluminium Alloy, Stainless Steel
Interfaces: Ethernet,GPRS 3G/4G, Wifi, RS485, Serial
Protocols: TCP/IP, NTCIP, PROFIBUS, MODBUS protocols
Power Supply: (Input) 110-230VAC / 380-400 VAC-3P
Certification: EN12966: 2009 +A1: 2014 CE-certification by SIQ