Electronic Height Detection Systems


INTETRA ELECTRONIC HEIGHT DETECTION SYSTEMS prevents collisions for tall vehicles in areas which has lower height. The system detects the height of the vehicles and warns the drivers individually with an audible alarm about upcoming bridges, tunnels and other overhead structures.

INTETRA ELECTRONIC HEIGHT DETECTION SYSTEM has PinPoint light spot enabling quick sensor alignment, excellent switching and high quality detection features. Less downtime and robust metal housing resistant to high-pressure cleaner, cleaning agents and disinfectant, optionally available with Teflon Coating.

INTETRA ELECTRONIC HEIGHT DETECTION SYSTEM also comes with user friendly sensors, simple commissioning, plus simple sensor diagnosis which brings cost effective easy manitanence. Laser protection class 1 or 2 for peace of mind in all usage cases.


  • Detects the height vehicles in all weather conditions and alerts the driver about upcoming obsacles
  • Control centers with GSM option
  • Secondary warning besides existing alert
  • Prevents exposure and over-height associated accidents significantly
  • Dual Sensor Technology: This feature stops false detections by using two sensors on a single
    unit. Each sensors confirm the over height and stop the detection of any flying objects.
  • Full Matrix Signs : Warning message can be customized and the sign can be used as a regular
    variable message sign when there is no danger of over height detection. Plate Recognition
    Cameras : System can capture a picture of the over height vehicle and warn specific vehicle
    on the sign by showing the plate number. You can also inform the control center with the
    plate number of the vehicle and protect your entire network.