Speed Warning Systems

INTETRA Radar Speed Signs are designed to slow cars down to help make your streets and roads safer for everyone who uses them. Our digital radar speed signs display driver speed data, making drivers aware that they are traveling above the speed limit.

Application Area

Radar signs are popular on local streets, in private communities, work zones, school zones and accident-prone areas of cities. Our products are specially designed in full color and single color and it is %100 compliant with EN 12966 Standards. ANPR system can be added to the Radar Speed Warning System as an option. Also system can detects vehicle model, color and license plate information with its special software and integration. It has a structure that records the obtained data with a storage method and can transfer it to the main control center.


ColorSingle Color/Full Color (Optional)
DensityFull Matrix
Dimensions1200 mm x 1400 mm/Custom Design
Pixel PitchProject-Specific Design
LED Color ClassC2
Luminance RatioR3
Beam WidthB6
Dynamic Wind and Snow LoadsWL9
Bending DeflectionsTDB1
Energy Requirement 220 VAC +%20  47-63Hz.
Power ConsumptionMax 350 W/m2 ; nominal 150W /m2
Solar EnergyOptional
BodyAluminum EN AW 3000 3mm
Protection ClassP3 (EN12966) / IP66
Service AccessRear

School Zone Radar Sign

It is used to manage traffic and warn drivers in school zones in accordance with the speed limits.