Project Integration Solutions


INTETRA designs optimal solutions for the integration of all subsystems and products of Intelligent Transportation Systems under one management system for urban and inner-city road infrastructures.

In order to offer a complete solution to our customers, we also design and produce optic fiber and IP/Ethernet network communications. INTETRA has a wide range of products commonly used in transportation, security and control industries including video, audio, and data transmission.

INTETRA offers rugged, easy-to-assemble, maintenance-free devices able to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

INTETRA’ s main objective is to design, develop and produce high-tech solutions in the field of intelligent transportation systems. INTERTA, which has expertise in product and system design, offers a complete package of communication infrastructure, SCADA control system, control center management solutions and integration for your ITS needs.







INTETRA identifies software and integration solutions in three main groups:

  • Intelligent Transportation Solutions for Highways,
  • Tunnel Management Solutions,
  • Urban Traffic Management Solutions

INTETRA has expertise in working with different protocols such as Modbus, Profibus, TCP/IP and NTCIP.

Some of the INTETRA’s solutions are:

  • High-level Traffic Management System
  • Web-based Control and Management System
  • Mobile Phone Information System
  • GIS Based Control System
  • Tunnel Automation Control System
  • Urban Control Center Management System