Tunnel Management Systems

Tunnel Management Systems

In comparison to all other traffic systems, these are the systems that have to work with many subsystems.

In urban areas, it is of even greater significance to communicate instantly with other control systems.

Our aim;

Is to maximize tunnel safety with the technological products we continuously develop.


EN12966 certificated

Intetra Variable Message Signs have a special electronic design for instant data transfer and a mechanical design prioritizing driver safety when used in tunnels. 

Intetra Tunnel Variable Message Signs, which can easily communicate with all other control systems, keep drivers instantly informed about lane management, incident detection and all other conditions necessary for driving safely in an uninterrupted traffic flow.


Immediate transmission of lane management and speed limits alerts to drivers is of great importance in terms of driver safety in tunnel management.

Intetra Variable Traffic Signs are equipped with legible and reliable special LED technology. 

Intetra knows that traffic rules differ between cities and countries and produces Variable Traffic Signs that can display every speed limit between 30-90 km as it’s standard production.

In addition, Intetra Variable Traffic Signs with plug-and-go integration communicate easily with systems such as road sensors, vehicle counting, cameras, fire equipment, road lighting and other systems.



Tunnel safety signs are used for directing people to emergency exits or emergency phones in case of an emergency.

Intetra Tunnel Safety Signs have a reflective coating and illuminate with LED lights. Although reflective coating is enough to provide high-visibility, additional fluorescent lamps are also used for all types of emergencies.

Intetra designs and develops different types of energy-saver emergency signs for tunnels to meet the needs of different countries and tunnels.


Intetra LED road studs are used especially in tunnels for traffic safety. It’s CAT-ION design and by highlighting lane markings improves the visibility even in low visibility conditions. High-quality LEDs are used in Intetra Road Studs. Constant integrated circuit obtains uniformity in each LED button.


  • 100 x 105 x 18 mm ± 2 mm
  • Main body material PC or ASA plastic
  • Weight 200 – 300gr
  • A total of 12 LEDs, 6 in each direction
  • Minimum 35cd radiant intensity on average for White and Red LEDs.
  • Beam temperature of white LEDs: 5600K – 8900K
  • The wavelength of Red LEDs: 618nm – 630nm
  • 24 V DC Current- IP 68 Protection
  • Operating at -25°C and +60°C