Transportation Planning and Consultancy

Today, the developing of transportation systems and the increase of using private / public transportation vehicles, create the need for supply - demand management and planning. Planning studies are required the triangle of user, vehicle and road in order to manage the transportation need.

Smart City Consultancy Services

Intetra’s team; provides consultancy services within the scope of smart urbanization activities, transportation, mobility, land use, environment, energy, security, etc. for current situation analysis, system architecture, roadmap determination and strategic goals.

Transportation Master Plan

Transport Master Plans serve as a roadmap for medium and long term transportation investments. It guides how to improve a city’s transportation.

It also coordinates infrastructure improvements with land uses and responds to future growth and network demands.

We plan urban transportation with the help of data such as land use data, census information, household and road surveys, intersection traffic counts, public transport infrastructure and supply-demand information.

Public Transport Master Plan

We provide Public Transportation Master Planning services with our expert team of transport and city planners.

Within the scope of the service, travel demand management, origin – destination studies, route planning, route optimization, travel time, etc. projects are carried out.

Geographical Information Systems

Geographical Information System (GIS) is a spatial system used in urban planning, transportation and traffic engineering infrastructure and project planning analysis.

In addition, real-time transportation planning can be done through GIS.

Macro and Micro Traffic Simulation

Within the scope of transportation and city planning studies, macro and micro modeling studies are carried out by using existing field data. So, it is possible to identify deficiencies and identify areas of development and improvement.