Passenger Information Systems


Passenger Information Systems

Passenger Information Systems enable more efficient use of time and energy.

As the prior application area of the system, Passenger Information Displays are used in order to show the real-time arrival of public transportation vehicles and the transportation routes.

Our aim;

Is to encourage public transportation and to contribute to its development.


Intetra Passenger Information Displays are specially designed displays to bring solutions to different needs at airports, metro, train and bus stations.


While designing passenger information displays for public transportation systems, Intetra focuses on providing hardware and software solutions according to the needs and requirements of the project.


Intetra Passenger Information Displays showing train and metro arrival time and distance to the stations. It help to know and planning travels. 


In addition, specially design for bus stations, showing bus arrive time and distance to passengers.


Intetra Passenger Information Displays are designed with special software to provide real-time information. This software can easily be integrated with the main control centre. 

Real-time and route information can be provided on Intetra Passenger Information Displays designed with Passenger Information Display (PID) software that can offer alternative and flexible solutions to our customers on a project basis.